Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, semnas_2015

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Last modified: 2015-06-15


Having a good teacher management is a must because we need to enhance the quality of education. As a matter of fact, the number of teachers of civil servants in the district of Semarang are not evenly distributed. This aims of this study, therefore to determine: (a) the conditions of the elementary school teachers, (b) the conditions of Junior Secondary school teachers, (c) the action to re-deploy and re-distribute primary school teachers, (d) the action to redeploy and redistribute Junior Secondary school teachers, and (e) the implications of the re-deployment and re-distribution of teachers. The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative. The data used based on Dapodik 2013 treated with SIM Dapodikdas developed by USAID Prioritas. The number of elementary schools analyzed was 93% of the total primary schools, the number of primary school teachers analyzed was 71%, the number of junior secondary schools analyzed was 55%, and the number of junior secondary school teachers analyzed was 69%. The results showed that: (a) the number of the teachers of civil servants at the elementary school were still lacking; the ratio of student in each class was not good, and many teachers did not meet the academic qualifications and certification, (b) the number of junior secondary school teachers were also lacking and many teachers didn’t meet the minimum teaching load, (c) the appointment of primary school teachers should be done either using civil servant candidates or contracted teachers, (d) it needs to transfer the task of teachers with re-certification, do appointment of new teachers at junior secondary school teachers, and (e) the regulation of regents and the decree of regent on merging schools should be enacted objectivly and full of responsibility.
Keywords: teacher management, USAID Prioritas, academic qualifications, teacher certification, and contract teacher.

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