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Training on Making Comicstrip Learning Media with ADDIE Instructional Design
Yogi Wiratomo, Abdul Karim, Indah Mayang Purnama

Last modified: 2020-01-03


This community service program was carried out at the Mathematics MGMP of Junior High School, Cisarua Commissariat, Bogor Regency, held at SMP Ciawi 1, Jl. Veteran III Banjarwangi Ciawi, Bogor Regency. The aim of community service is to provide knowledge about the development of comic strip learning media with ADDIE instructional designs. The implementation is by giving a comprehensive workshop with the target participants able to understand and make comic strips with ADDIE instructional designs. The first stage is the preparation phase. At this stage the team conducted a preliminary survey to find out the conditions of community service partners by analyzing the conditions of the place to be used, participants and compiling the design of activities with the junior high school mathematics MGMP, Cisarua Commissariat in Bogor Regency. The second stage is the implementation phase. The training activity was started by introducing the mathematics teacher of MGMP Junior High School Commissariat Cisarua in Bogor Regency about the development of mathematics comics learning media. The team also provided information on how to develop media using ADDIE instructional designs. Then the training in making learning media is carried out using a learning model that is based on the project base learning model. The team and mathematics teacher work together to design learning media using ADDIE learning design. All participant activities are guided by the Abdimas team. The last stage was the evaluation phase of the activities that had been carried out, the enthusiasm of the participants was quite high with the presence of 64 participants and the activeness when participating in the activity.

Keywordslearning media, comic strips, ADDIE

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