Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, LONTAR PYSICS FORUM 2017

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Pengaruh Profesi Pekerjaan Terhadap Kekuatan dan Daya Tahan Otot Tangan di Kecamatan Sidorejo, Salatiga
Johans Kristofel Awang, Alvama Pattiserlihun, Nur Aji Wibowo

Last modified: 2017-10-04


Muscle is one of the components that has an important role of human's coordination system. In the professional world, muscle power gives an important contribution in complesting a task. Therefore, this research tries to identify the effect of few kind of professions with the muscle power and strength. The sample that used is the 240 adult males from the sub-district of Sidorejo, which consists of 120 builders, 120 office employees with age range from 30 - 50 years old. The variables are the muscle power and endurance, and was measured by hand-dynamometer. One Way Anova method was used to identify the effect of profession with the power and endurance of the muscle. The result shows that the highest hand muscle power and endurance owns by the builders, and the lowest point owns by the office employees. The tested result of One Way Anova shows significant number 0,00. This number is smaller than 0,05 that shows the relation between profession and muscle power and endurance.

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