Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, LONTAR PYSICS FORUM 2017

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Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran TTW Berbantuan Bahan Ajar Berbasis Etnosains terhadap Penguasaan Konsep dan Komunikasi Ilmiah
Sintya Ningtyas Asnawi, Harto Nuroso Harto Nuroso, Siti Patonah

Last modified: 2017-09-27


This research aims to determine the effect of  Think, Talk, Write (TTW) learning model which is assisted by ethnoscience-based teaching materials through the mastery of concepts and scientific communication on matter of heat. The method used in this research is quasi experiment by pretest-posttest control  group design. This research has done in MA Walisongo Pecangaan Jepara by simple random sampling technique and the researcher got X-A as experimental class and X-B as control class. The instrument used by the researcher is concept mastery text and scientific communication observation. Based on the result of the research, almost in scientific communication aspect, the result of the observation in experiment class was 77 and 66 in control class. On concept mastery aspect, the score of pretest in experimental class was about 51 and the score of post-test was 77. In the other hand, the score of pretest in control class was about 48 and for posttest was 65. Based on the final result of data analysis, the result of N-Gain test in experimental class was 0,53 and the result of N-Gain test in control class was 0,32. It shows that TTW model with ethnoscience-based learning influenced to the mastery of concepts and students scientific communication.

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