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Coastal Community Empowerment Based on Home Industry Pemindangan and Pengasapan in Desa Tambaksari Kecamatan Rowosari Kabupaten Kendal
Oktaviani Adhi Suciptaningsih, Titik Haryati, Novika Wahyuhastuti, Agus Mukhtar

Last modified: 2018-11-08


The home industry of pemindangan and pengasapan is one of the main potential of the tourist village inDesa Tambaksari, Kecamatan Rowosari, Kabupaten Kendal. But the home industry has not been ableto develop optimally because it is constrained by several things, such as the equipment used is stilltraditional and very simple, the hygiene of production process is still low, limited marketing, limitedcapital, not licensed business, and no product diversification. Therefore, this empowerment activityaims to empower the home industry actors pemindangan and pengasapan marine fish based pindangpangkon and asap paparasi. While the specific target is to increase the quality and quantity ofproduction through pindang pangkon and asap paparasi, cost efficiency of productive economic activityof coastal communities through improvement of capital system, production system and marketingsystem. The method to be used is identification of problem, program socialization, giving of pindangpangkon (new technological innovation in the form of combination pans used to accelerate andfacilitate the production of pindang), and asap paparasi (is fogging integrated system so hygienic andenvironment friendly), training and mentoring, demonstration plotting, monitoring and evaluation ofthe program. The result of this empowerment activity is the increasing of the quality and quantity of theproduction of pindang fish and asap fish so as to improve the welfare of home industry of pemindanganand pengasapan.
Keywords: Coastal Communities, Empowerment, Home Industry

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