Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, semnas_2015

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Last modified: 2015-06-15


The Asian Community has attempted to belong to each aspect of global issues. In facing it, the Indonesian education is one of the important aspects which can present a powerful vision as the main actor to link other aspects. It is particularly a part of the main actors to set the inter-related education brought by other Asian countries. But, nowadays, the Indonesian education is still giving us a big homework to resolve the current problems of the Indonesian education. In respect to the present discussion, the ideas on reinforcing the deep terminologies in the Indonesian education remain the specific actions for enhancing education itself. Many Indonesian idioms used in Indonesian education seem to be disregarded. The need to develop the Indonesian education in facing Asian Community should at least be preceded by reviving the mindset of understanding the education idioms. This paper deals with the components of idioms used in Indonesian education which are scarcely touched by the administrated policies. The biggest issue of this paper is how we deal with the dichotomy of siswa, murid, pelajar, peserta didik, anak didik, guru, ustadz, pendidik which all are indicated to go into the lack of education philosophy if they are not precisely reached for the understandable meanings. This study uses the socio-anthropological approach to answer that issue. For the results, building a critical awareness for those idioms is a stage to emerge our minds to bring the Indonesian education into the best education in the world.

Keywords: mind’s revival, education idioms

Full Text: 414-419