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The Development of Jungsemi Tourism Beach Through Good Governance
Rosalina Ginting, Maftukin Hudah, Valdyan Drifanda, Arief Rakhman Affandi

Last modified: 2020-07-16


The existence of beaches in a village can be developed as a potential tourist site. The village of Jungsemi has a beautiful beach but the beach has not been used as a tourist destination. The absence of regional planning and management is one of the obstacles faced by the village government. The development of a tourist village requires a good governance system so that the goal of forming a tourism village can be achieved soon. The PPDM team provided assistance in developing operational standards for the management of tourism villages. Several activities have been carried out, such as providing the ilustration and description about the good management of a tourist village. In addition, during the accomplishment of the community service by the Program Pengembangan Desa Mitra (PPDM) team, the topic of discussion also included several supporting elements in the development of this beach tourism village. The results of the activities include the making the site plan and the SOP for those components required in the development of a tourist destination, such as, admission management, parking arrangement, and coordination with the surrounding community.

Keywordplanning, tourism, beaches, standard procedures, management

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