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Ervina Eka Subekti, Ferina Agustini, Fajar Cahyadi

Last modified: 2017-02-10


Analyze the needs of the learning media is one of the activities that are important in designing learning process. This is consistent with the objective that was developed to help solving students' learning needs. Design learning process that begins with a study of needs allows the results can be used optimally by individuals who need it. The formula of issues examined in this study are: 1) How is the use of instructional media of elementary school in Semarang? , 2) what instructional media that is already used by elementary school teacher in Semarang?, 3) what type of instructional media that is needed and is appropriate in learning process in elementary school in Semarang?

This is a qualitative study with survey methods. This qualitative research uses descriptive formulation of the problem. Descriptive research aims to provide an overview of the use of instructional media curriculum 2013 in elementary school in Semarang and the need for media at elementary schools in Semarang.

The research results showed that 100% of all instructional media for all subjects that exist today is still very limited and old and 100% of the schools stating that the media needed in schools are thematic learning media or media that matches the theme of learning. It is quite natural for thematic learning is learning that must be implemented in primary schools in the curriculum 2013.

From the results of research and discussion, it can be concluded that: 1) The use of instructional media in schools, especially primary schools is not well coordinated, 2) instructional media that have been used and are available at the school is only media that already has aged long enough and is instructional media per subjects not related to a theme of learning such as images of animals and humans growth, multiplication image, globe, map number cards,, KIT IPA, letter cards, a human torso. 3) Media required by school is teaching media in the form of KIT media for each sub-theme or themes. Advices can be given based on the results of the study are: for further research can develope complete KIT media learning for each sub-theme or themes of learning so that thematic learning in the curriculum 2013 can be implemented fully and media used is not fragmented again in a subject; For teachers to add more references about instructional media so that learning is not monotonous; For the school to pay more attention to management of learning media in school and perform a needs analysis maps routinely so that learning media provided at the school continues to grow in accordance with the development needs of the media.

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