Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SEMINAR NASIONAL FIP 2016

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Vindha Trisnaomi, T Soegeng Partono, Oktaviani Adhi S.

Last modified: 2017-07-21


The background of this study was the occurrence of moral decadence, one of the causes of the influence of television particularly cartoon impressions that have not educate children yet, so it effects on the child's character.The statement of the problems in this final project are : 1) How to analyze the moral values ​​contained in cartoons movie in the television entitled Upin and Ipin, Adit and SopoJarwo, and Pada Zaman Dahulu?, 2) How to analyze the  moral values ​​at the cartoons movie on television and its influence of the character on fifth grade students of SDN 03 Semarang ?; The purpose of this study were: 1) to analyze the moral values ​​which are on the three-view cartoons on television that Upin and Ipin, Adit and SopoJarwo, and On Primitive, 2) to analyze the effects of these three cartoons character’s to the fifth grade students of SDN 03 Semarang.The method of this study is used qualitative research, the data collection techniques using interviews, documentation, and observation. The analysis of data used the Miles model and Hubbermen. The source of data is by the study subjects that consisted of 6 people, each of which is the students from VB, VB grade teacher, and parents of the students. The informant is consisting of 10 people, each of which is students from VA and VC , Principals, Teachers and Administrative Staff.The results of this research shows that there are 18 moral values ​​in these movie cartoon (UpindanIpin episode "Jambatanilmu" the moral values are 16, Adit and SopoJarwo episode "TugasNgasuhBikinRusuh" and "SaudaraBerkunjungSemuaTersanjung" the moral values ​​are 12, and on PadaZamanDahulu episode "KisahBangau" moral the moral values are 9). Beside that there is influence between these cartoon movie with the character growth of the students on VB class in SD NegeriTandang 03 Semarang who previously did not understand yet how the forms of the character values ​​then after watching 3 titles cartoon they understand how the forms of the character values ​​in daily life that can be applied. Based on the research, the researcher suggests that commitment is needed by the various parties to build the characters of the students, including the supervision of students when watch cartoon in television. There is influence of this movie to the character development of the VB grade students of SD Negeri 03 Semarang after watch these cartoons. However, the mark of the post-test is decreasing due to the differences between pre-test and post-test questions that make students' difficult to answer.

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