Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, LONTAR PYSICS FORUM 2017

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Pendekatan Numerik Persamaan Hiperbolik Pada Penyerapan Gelombang Elektromagnetik Dalam Konduktor
Tri Ari Wibowo, Harto Nuroso Harto Nuroso, Joko Saefan

Last modified: 2017-10-04


Electromagnetic Wave (EMW) absorption is a phenomena of energy reduction when the EMW through a conductor. A part of energy will change into another form, like the termal energy, so the accident wave will not be re ected and propagated completely, but there is a part of wave that absorbed by conductor. This absorption will be viewed and actualized in second-order Partial Dierensial Equation (PDE). This PDE will be answered with numerical approach. And the choosen method is nite dierence method. Then the acquired answer will be visualized with MATLAB program. The last result from numerical approach application shows the indication of amplitude decreasing as the eect of absorption by conductor. The indication has similar with the result of analytical approach.

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