Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, LONTAR PYSICS FORUM 2017

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Pengaruh Media Pembelajaran Algodoo pada Materi Momentum dan Impuls Terhadap Pemahaman Konsep Siswa Kelas X SMA
Barokah Istiqomah, Wawan Kurniawan, Ernawati Saptaningrum

Last modified: 2017-09-27


Learning media is one important component in education to support the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning activities. Algodoo is a software for physics that present a two dimensional demonstrasion which can be made in accordance with the material of physics to be delivered. The aim of this study is to determine whether or not the effect of the use of Algodoo the concept understanding of SMA student in the momentum and impuls of grade X-SMA. This study uses a true-experimental design experimental type  pre-test post-test control group design. This research was conducted at SMA N 15 Semarang 2016/2017 with momentum and impuls materials.  The population was MIPA class X SMA Negeri 15 Semarang. The sample was determined using Cluster random samplings technique and was obtained class X-MIPA 7 as experimental class and class X-MIPA 6 as the control class. Each class consisted of 36 students. Data collection techniques used tests (pretest and posttest). Final data analysis results can be seen from one side (right side) hypothesis test and the result obtained was thitung> ttabel, namely 2.822 > 1.668. It can be concluded Ha = acceptable and H0 = rejected. While the analysis of normalized gain test, it was obtained the result of 0.68 for experimental class and 0.564 for control class. Thus, it can be concluded that the Algodoo learning media has a significant influence to the concept understanding of students in momentum and impuls material of class X-MIPA 7 SMA Negeri 15 Semarang.

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