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Training And Development Program of Disease Prevention and Control in Mother Tongue-based Bilingual Setting Designed For Early Childhood Education Teachers
Ririn Ambarini, Eva Ardiana Indrariani, Dian Ayu Zahraini

Last modified: 2018-11-07


Implementation of Community Service is done in the form of training activities, workshops and field assistance which is divided into four stages in a systematic and sustainable way. The material given in phase I to the early childhood education teachers that include: Disease Prevention and Control equipped with  lesson plan preparation techniques about bullying using poster, materials, role-play puppet, story times, and classroom rules. Phase II is the training of preparing lesson plan about Disease Prevention and Control. Phase III is Practice Peer Teaching and Phase IV is the implementation of Classroom Practice. The last is phase V that is Discussion and Self-reflection stage).

The main purpose of this Service is that early childhood education teachers can conduct and implement bilingual education programs of Disease Prevention and Control education in their respective schools so that teachers can provide healthy life choices while teaching children to make healthy choices for them.

The methods used in the implementation of this program include training, lectures, frequently asked questions, and discussions, teaching practices and worksheets that are the participants' outputs from this training.

Keywords: Learning, Bilingual, Lesson Plan, Disease Prevention and Control , Mother Tongue.

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