Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, "Language Teaching and Character Building

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Rahmawati Sukmaningrum, Faiza Hawa

Last modified: 2013-10-30


There is a great deal to talk about young people being the hope of the future, but very often the words are not accompanied by any significant action. Children move through a variety of communities during the course of a single day. The adults inhabiting those communities are all responsible for guiding young people in the rules and expectations of each. But sometimes, we adults do not do so with a positive attitude. Started from now on, we have to realize that our kids and youth are truly in a big problem living in this world surrounding with less of adults’ attentions of them. Furthermore, we adults should teach our children about moral living from the very beginning. Moral living is about being responsive and responsible to others. Thus, we need to build our children’s character from the closest environment to them; their family and parents --- that is by providing quality time for them.

Parents and family have tremendous effect on the development of character traits in their kids. There are many ways that the parents can use to develop children’s pillars of character. One of those ways is by storytelling. It can be done at home easily. Parents can foster their children good characters by telling their children many fairy tales which contained moral values. Storytelling helps to teach children an understanding of right and wrong, not through direct teaching, but by implication. Storytelling can even shape the pillars of character of the kids. This is what this article will mainly discuss.

Keywords: kids’ character building, roles of family, quality time, storytelling.

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