Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SNSE III 2016

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Penerapan Metode Scramble untuk Meningkatkan Motivasi dan Hasil Belajar IPA pada Siswa SD Autis Se-Kodya Malang
Wilyati Agustina

Last modified: 2016-09-28


Generally needed great effort to improve Autism education since there is no sistimaticall means in our country. Improvement of education service is expected to accomodate more autistic children and minimizes their  learning  problem. The efforts of improving done (by teacher) to attain well learning outcome is to pay attention to students, cmprehend subject matter and select the exact methods.

There are three principal reasons necessarily solved in this study: 1) what’s kinds of method applied in autism elementary school  at kodya Malang? 2)Is any differen motivation learning improvement after scramble method being applied to Elementary school of autism at kodya Malang?, 3) Is any differen learning outcome of IPA improvement after being Scramble method applied at kodya Malang?

This research uses two kinds of studies: firstly, it uses survey research with the aims of describing and picturing learning methods. As the survey characteristic, reseacher condusct directly in the field to analyze. Secondary, it uses pre-experiment by using couple T test analysis. Group is given pre tes before being given treatment. After finishing treatment, motivation questionaire and final test given to the alteration of motivationand learning outcome. This study uses 30 students as the sample.

Result of research 1) method frequently used is speech method, structured exercise method and answer-question, 2) there is learning motivation improvement after being Scramble applied on Elementary students of Autism (Inclusive Elementary school) at Kodya Malang, 3) There is learning IPA outcome after being Scramble method applied on Elementary Student of Autism (Inclusive Elementary school)at kodya Malang


Keywords : Application, Scramble method, motivation, learning outcome, elementary school Autism

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