Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SENATIK 2018

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Sulis Setyowati

Last modified: 2018-09-03


Based on the observation result on SMP N 1 Demak, there are several problems of mathematic learning especially in eight grade students of SMP N 1 Demak, that are the students mathematic score is lower than the standard of study, the students interest in study is low, and the teachers limit in increasing the teaching media. That problem can be solve with making a good teaching media to stimulate the students creativity. It may increase their interesting in study and help the teacher in delivering the material. The example is m-learning android as teaching media of mathematic learning for eight grade student of junior high school. This research type is research and development with the ADDIE development model that is analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The data collecting technique use in this research are questionnaire and written test. The questionnaire’s for the media experts , the material experts, and the student response. The written test use in experimental class which is treat learning with m-learning android media and control class with conventional learning. M-learning android media have been developed in .apk and .swf format which can be use in android/smartphone and PC/laptop. The media is also equipped with a description of the material wake up flat siss space, example question, and tests. This application have been validated by the media validator and material validator with percentage 83,85% and 86,76%, it means very high qualification, while the student response result shows 86,34% also means very high qualification. The final result of research hypothesis obtained as many 31 students learning outcomes in the experimental class and 11 students in the control class, which means the learning outcomes o students achieve KKM. While, tatithmatic= 3,792 and ttable = 1,670 so tatithmatic > ttable and Ho is rejected. Which mean the result of study using m-learning media in mathematic study is better than conventional learning.
Keywords: learning media, m-learning, android, the result of learning

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