Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SEMINAR HASIL-HASIL PENELITIAN 2015

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Ideological Stance of the Jakarta Post in the headlines and editorials when publishing Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) news (From Critical Discourse Analysis Perspective)
Sugeng Irianto

Last modified: 2016-01-24


This research is aimed to reveal or unfold the Ideology stance of the Jakarta Post when publishing the news on Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) case in the form of headlines and editorials. The data of this study was the headlines and editorials published in the Jakarta Post in the year of 2010 until 2014.

This research is mixed method in nature, quantitative and qualitative. Simple quantitative is done to count the quantity of headlines and editorials in the study. The qualitative is used to describe,

explain, and unfold the ideology belongs to the Jakarta Post when publishing the news on NII. The study use the Appraisal model developed by White (2001) and Martin and Rose (2003) to reveal the ideology stance of the Jakarta Post.

The result of this study is the Jakarta Post’s ideology stance follow the government ideology when looking at the NII group. However, the Jakarta Post give the big portion (space) in the newspaper for the NII group (as there were many headlines, editorials, and national news published in the Jakarta Post with relatively big portion/space) to follow the Post policy to accommodate all the party in Indonesia, specifically to minorities groups or suppressed groups. This policy of the Jakarta Post reflects the democratic way as one of the vision of the Jakarta Post.

Keywords: Critical discourse analysis, ideology, negara islam indonesi

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