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Catfish Breeding With Maggot to Increse The Income of West Jatikusuma Residents, RT 10 RW 03 Mranggen District
Mei Sulistiyoningsih, Reni Rakhmawati

Last modified: 2020-01-03


An increase in population will cause an increase in the need for work. Efforts to meet the needs of life, humans still rely on natural resources that are destined for land. Humans use the land to be used for various kinds of assistance needed for settlements, industrial activities, animal husbandry, and fisheries. One type of business that is currently still popular with the community is catfish farming. This concerns the cultivation of catfish does not require extensive land and does not require a long time to harvest.

                    Mranggen Market is on the edge of the Semarang-Purwodadi highway in the North lane, making it the main economic center. Traditional markets have negative effects on the environment is a waste market. Waste utilization must be prioritized before committing environmental pollution. The Community Partnership Program works with partners namely Jatikusuma Barat Rt 10 Rw 03 Mranggen District. The Jatikusuma region not far from the Mranggen market can utilize waste to be utilized through probiotic fermentation to produce maggot for catfish feed. Food is an important part of catfish growth. Market waste can be used as forming maggots that have high protein content for catfish feed.                    Our Community Partnership Program will be conducted to increase community income and become a strong entrepreneur and develop an independent community with an economy that utilizes market waste. Through training in raising catfish with maggot to give an idea of ​​what to do maggot catfish feed with various variations giving maggot. This can give an idea of ​​how this can increase the catfish body which can provide increased income for citizens. 

Keywordsraising catfish, maggot, market waste, income

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