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Regional Patnership Program Of Trabas Tourism Village and Special Souveir Center Of Polosiri Village, Bawen District, Semarang Regency 2019
Nila Kusumaningtyas, Mega Novita, Yuris Setyoadi, Sutomo Sutomo

Last modified: 2020-01-03


Polosiri Village is one of the villages in Bawen District, Semarang Regency. One of the potential Polosiri Village is traas tourism. For more than 5 years, the village of Polosiri has often been a destination for trabas lovers such as Battlax, R-Track, Tribas, TATO, and Traseba, each of comunity has more than 50 members to applying hobbies. In addition, Polosiri Village also has the potenttial of Mikro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. Lestari Sejahtera Women’s Farmers Group which has about 25 members, has succeeded in processing horticultural produce into commercial products. Emponempon based product such as Sari Ginger, Sari Temulawak, Sari Turmeric, Wedang Uwuh, and White Turmeric Sari and tuber based product such as Kripik  Kimpul and Mokaf flour are well produced. But in reality Polosari Village has problems that have not been resolved. In tourism sector of Polosiri Village (1) Still not aware of the trabas tourism economic potential (2) There is no master site plan for structuring tourism village areas (3) Don’t have the maximum marketing skills for tourism village (4) Don’t have the managerial skills to manage a tourism village. And In UMKM sector of Polosiri Village (1) There's no business diversification ability (2) The product doesn't have a SIUP, BPOM, and PIRT (3) Don't have the maximum UMKM marketing skills (4) Business management skills still not maximal (5) There is no place to sell the business results. To resolve this problems, we are team from Semarang PGRI University (UPGRIS) and Universitas Darul Ulum Islamic Centre University of Semarang (UNDARIS) who proposed proposals commmunity engagement in this Regional Partnership Program. In this case the accompanying partner is the village head of Pulosiri Mr. Nurgiyanto who has alocated village funds as much as 100.000.000,- /year during this program and Semarang Regency Tourism. While the target partnes of this activity are Polosiri village community who represented by BKD and Lestari Sejahtera Women’s Farmers Group. We offer solutions to the problems faced by polosiri village by applying a variet of appropriate technologies (TTG). The arrangement of tourist areas and souvenir center wil be based on the master site plan. Meanwhile, to attract visitors, the maketing strategy that will be applied is uing a website and  e-commerce. In addition business diversification training and  management, both for tourism and business production will be provided to managers. Thus the program objectives an be achieved. (Abstract)

Keywords—pengabdian; trabas; UPGRIS; UNDARIS; Polosiri; pusat oleh-oleh component.

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