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An Effort toward Improving the Speaking Ability of Arabic-English for Students in Jepara through Question and Answer Song
Olyvia Revalita, Candraloka Candraloka, Azzah Nor Laila, Eko Darmawanto

Last modified: 2020-01-03


Student has an important role in social change both in national and international levels. Educational opportunities, scholarship, and competition at work challenge students of Islamic boarding school in facing millennial era. One of the abilities students have is speaking ability of Arabic-English. This community service was conducted in Al-Mustaqim Islamic Boarding school of  Bugel Jepara. The purposes of this community service are (1) improving the speaking ability of students in Arabic-English, (2) improving the ability of the students in composing a question and answer song in Arabic-English in order  to have interesting activity, (3) improving the bilingual program of Al-Mustaqim Islamic Boarding School of Bugel Jepara. The methods used are giving motivation about the importance of bilingual program, training on the speaking ability of students in using Arabic-English, and mentoring in composing Arabic-English song, and evaluating the program through Focus Group Discussion. As a result of this service, the students of Al-Mustaqim Islamic Boarding School can compose an Arabic-English question and answer song using Sholawat tone. The song contains daily conversations in Arabic-English which consist of question and answer. It is an innovation in supporting the bilingual program. Therefore, the speaking ability of students increased well through singing in conversation

Keywordsinnovation, song, bilingual, Islamic Boarding School, millennial

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