Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SEMINAR NASIONAL FIP 2016

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Wahyu Dwi Nugroho Suci, Ervina Eka Subekti, Asep Ardianto

Last modified: 2017-07-21


Background that drives this research is the low of study result of the Natural Sciences and motivation students who less of learning. It was due to learning effective and to maximize using learning media like learning video.

The problem on this research is “What is the developing of video learning media based on Camtasia on Natural sciences subject on 4 class in Elementary School worthy used?”. The Purpose of this research is to develop learning video based on Camtasia as Natural Science teaching media student class 4 Elementary School to ease the student’s studies the life cycle of animal subject.

This research executed in SDN 4 Karangsari Brati district. The kind of this research is research of development by model ADDIE. The steps of developing this research are analysis, planning, development, implementation, evaluation.

According to the analysis needs, the result of average score feasibility of the product validation the matter and the media including 86,17% with category very reasonable that can be elaborated the matter and the media 77,17%. Video based on camtasia effective in an effort to bring the interest of student learning and had responded well measure through with presentation poll average accepted student amount 91%. According to analysis protest –protest increased point in average of 9,71 % it is seen of the average pretest 73,70 % and average posttest 83,41. From the result of the hypothesis acquired thitung > ttabel which is 1,674 it means that the average of students already use media learning video based on camtasia better than students who do not use video learning media based on camtasia, in other hand video learning media based camtasia significantly effective and very reasonable used to increase learning achievements students class 4 on Natural Sciences subject.

Based on the result of this research advice that can be researchers tell is should be in the future the investigation other development perfected this research and become new products in the development of research about natural science subject.

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