Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SEMINAR NASIONAL FIP 2016

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Fajar Rohman Dewantoro

Last modified: 2017-07-21


The use of suitable media in learning will give influence for learners. However, the use of existing media is less benefit by teachers. students still have difficulty in learning mathematics. Some students have not motivated to pay attention to the teacher's explanations and follow the lessons conducted by teacher.

The problem in this research is how the developing of mathematics module with a realistic approach in movie maker in the material geometry at fifth grade class of elemntary school? The  Goals in this research is to develop a mathematical module with a realistic approach in movie maker in the material geometry  fifth grade class of elemntary school.

This type of research is developing or Research and Development (R & D) is a series of processes or steps  to develop a new product or enhance existing products to be justified. Procedure development in this research using the procedure model of ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). The research subject Elementary School is fifth grade students were taken in Bangetayu Wetan 01 is fifth grade class, there are 30 students. The data was obtained from a questionnaire sheet media expert, material expert questionnaire sheet, and the student questionnaire as well as information obtained from an elementary school teacher.

Results of research in the developing of mathematics module with a realistic approach in movie maker is the validation phase media expert assessment of the average value that is equal to 96 or 87% with a very good category. Validation votes matter experts the average value of subject matter experts is  102 or by 85% with very good category. Assessment of quality of media in the form of student responses the average value of student responses is 2751 or by 73.33% with a good category and was declared fit for use for learning mathematics. From the test results of testing students' average score was 74.43, this shows the students are able to understand the material and able to work on the problems and above KKM 65 as a target to be achieved by the researchers.

Based on these results of the reserach, the researcher give suggestions Module realistic approach mathematics with movie maker can be a media for student learning is developed to recognize which used in a fun learning with appropriate materials and students attract, the teacher can use math module with realistic approach  in the movie maker learning

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