Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SEMINAR HASIL-HASIL PENELITIAN 2012

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Ratna Kusumawardhani, Siti Nur’Aini, Ajeng Setyorini, Laily Nur Affini

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The aim of this research is to find out the use of technology in learning. Based on the observation, the researchers discover that there are many teachers who use conventional methods in learning activities, and the learning process stops in the classroom. From that point, it is considered necessary to give internet training and how to use internet and websites for teaching. Hence, the use of is introduced to the teachers. The results of the questionnaire distributed before the training show that the teachers do not use to help their teaching outside the classroom. After the training, the researchers distributed the same questionnaire to find out if there were differences in teachers’ attitude in using technology and internet in their teaching.
The finding says that teachers begin to use the website for their teaching and they create virtual classes. These classes are then, used to give online assignments, announcements, tests and also quizzes. Two things are produced from this researh: the guide books and video tutorial which can be used to help teachers practicing on how to use the website.
It can be concluded that it is easier to hold online classroom outside the school because it does not require direct meetings between teachers and students. Teachers can administer online tests and evaluation. query system randomizes the questions and answers, consequently it is more difficult for the students to cheat during the test. Teachers can upload teaching materials, images, quizzes, announcement which the students can access anytime. helps teacher to carry out virtual teaching, thus it is inevitable that teachers must educate themselves and be technology-oriented to improve their skills and to keep up with the dynamic of education changes in Indonesia.
Key words: Teknologi, teacher website,

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