Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, SEMINAR HASIL-HASIL PENELITIAN 2014

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Ratna Kusumawardhani, Rahmawati Sukmaningrum, Faiza Hawa

Last modified: 2015-12-28


This descriptive analytic research underwent several considerations. Teachers’ preparedness and perceptions in implementing the newest curriculum 2013 for Junior High School and the problems faced by both teachers and school in running the curriculum 2013 are the main considerations in doing this research. The data were taken from observation and documentation, interview and questionnaires given to the Junior High school teachers and to shool authorities. Some results dealing with the main focus of this research are that most of the respondents agree with the changing of the curriculum. They consider it as a good breakthrough in educating students’ character toward the lesson they learn. Furthermore, the teachers in Junior High School will get more training in implementing curriculum 2013 so that they will be more ready and acquaire more knowledge of this newest curriculum before they apply it to their students. Instead of the strength of this newest curriculum as stated by the respondents, they also stated that this curriculum 2013 has some weaknesses. The materials in the handout are not too proper with the real condition of the students. Moreover, this curriculum has complicated assessing system. Student-centered technique in teaching is hard to do in this curriculum. And last, the lack of facilities to help this curriculum running well is still low.

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