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The Development of Coffee Potential as Spices Coffee Center Realization in Patean-Kendal
Ernawati Saptaningrum, Widya Kusumaningsih, Maria Ulfah, Khalimah Khalimah

Last modified: 2018-11-08


This empowerment is a dedication to the people of Mlatiharjo Village, Patean District, Kendal Regency as a form of the Partner Village Development Program. This empowerment aims to a) Providing solutions to the problems of the community in the form of the abundant spice coffee garden with distinctive aroma of herbs with a holistic approach to multi-disciplinary research; b) empowering typical spices of coffee beans to become spice coffee powder with high selling value; c) providing the potential strengthening of the Mlatiharjo Village community through the application of research results in the form of making various spices; and d) forming a guided village as Aneka Aroma Spice Coffee Sentra Village as one of the science-techno-park models of Universitas PGRI Semarang. The method in the implementation of the Partner Village Development Program is by collaborating between three parties to solve partner problems, namely Universitas PGRI Semarang, Directorate of Research and Community Service and Higher Education, and The Regional Government of Kendal Regency.The results of empowerment activities are processing coffee spices to become high-value coffee grounds, P-IRT licenses for manufactured coffee powder products, business licenses in the form of coffee shops and coffee cafes in the area and also in Kendal Regency, scientific articles and scientific publications. Conclusions of empowerment activities carried out in Mlatiharjo Village were successful, without any obstacles and it hoped that processing of spice coffee beans could become Mlatiharjo Village as a Spice Coffee Sentra Village and improve the economy of the Mlatiharjo Village community.

Keywords: Empowerment, Centers, Coffee, Spices

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