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Gaining Confidence from Community Service Projects
Yesika Maya Ocktarani, Akhmad Fathurahman, Yulia Mutmainnah

Last modified: 2018-11-07


Managing community service has many impacts, socially and individually. One of those impacts is confidence which not only affects the community member but also for the team who conduct the service. Related to this, a group of community service from University of Muhammadiyah Semarang has been doing their projects in a village, named Bejalen in Ambarawa, Semarang Regency. The team choose this village as the place is one of the tourism destinations which based on nature, but the service of the site did not yet manage well. After the assessment session on the field, in 2017, the team found that the local youth, as the member of Pokdarwis (Kelompok Sadar Wisata), were not confidence while escorting foreigners. They also had lack of ability in promoting their village via website. Therefore, empowerment is needed. As a result, the community service team conducted three types of training for them, English for Tourism Training, Tour guiding Training, and IT Training for Village Promotion.  In the trainings, the method used is mostly by practicing directly in the tourism spot after indoor games session. The team also involved experts on the fields and invited a foreigner as the tourist. By exercising directly with the expert, the youth become more confident in providing excellent service in their village. Also, they now can manage their own website.  In another side, by conducting these training, the team which consist of lecturers and students are also gaining their confidence in organising projects in a community.

Keywords: Pokdarwis, empowerment, collaboration, confidence

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