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Establish Tourism Centre based on Local Potential by Empowering Rural Community
Iin Purnamasari, Ikhwanudin Ikhwanudin, Ndaru Hario Sutaji, Eka Sari Setianingsih

Last modified: 2018-11-06


This Partner Village development program (PPDM) specifically aims to embody the results of the research the flagship University PGRI in Semarang, among others, review the follow-up research in the Faculty of engineering such as micro-hydro power, settlement in the area to do Setup Setup Sepakung as village-based tourism potential of nature. PPDM is done with methods of preparation phase, stage community empowerment which includes coaching, facilitation, and evaluation in all activities as well as a stage towards the tourist village. Activities planned within three years, with the main focus on the 1 is the development of small business centers made from cassava mangul for small and medium business group that is the Group of women farmers /KWT Srikandi, the establishment of the Guidance Tourism (GT) for groups of coral midshipman, and the preparation of the master plan of the tourist village of Sepakung nature reserve for the Group Aware Tourism (POKDARWIS). The results of the implementation of the activities of the Center for business development, among others, cassava development begins with mangul mangul into cakes and small snacks to packing petrol results, through training and mentoring by expert food technology field. Next, has formed the group guidance the tourisme will act as the provider of the tourist centers of the village Sepakung. The village development program partners also worked with POKDARWIS in drawing up the master plan of Sepakung which contains tourist centers about problem, profile, potential and planning related programs village tourist village for the long term. In the first year, the master plan comes with a catalog and information boards in six tourist locations of objects. The results of the implementation of the village development program partners are expected to develop the village tourism program as contained in the plan of medium and long term development of the village Sepakung.

Key words: The Tourist Center, Potency, Village

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