Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, "Language Teaching and Character Building

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Fitri Yulianti, Siti Musarokah

Last modified: 2013-10-11


English is an important thing to communicate widely in the world. In Indonesia, English is the first foreign language used to develop science, culture, and tight bilateral relationship. It needs special treatments to introduce and teach this language to the learners, young and adult one. Children love three things: pictures, stories, and games. To teach them, including teaching English, the teachers need to use one or all of them. Through these things, an English teacher, especially English for young learners’ teacher, can give skills in English, life, etc that will open opportunities to get better future. By using proper thing, teachers can give a healthy view of learning that will last them a lifetime. Teachers sometime need to put humour in along teaching-learning process, in order to make interesting atmosphere. Teaching English for young learners in Indonesia can use traditional games. Engklek (hopscotch in English) as one of the most famous traditional games in Indonesia can be used as an alternative to teach English. This game can not only teach children’s vocabulary but also build their character. The character values which can be developed through Engklek, namely leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship, self-concentration, self-control, and respect others.
Key Words: Engklek, English teaching media, building children’s character

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