Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, sens2

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La Ode Muhammad Aidil Akbar, Yunan Luthfian Permana, Satriyo Adhi Kuncoro, Muhammad Bagir, Ali Usman Sanjaya

Last modified: 2016-10-22


GALERO (Automatic Neck Holder) is a tool that we created for PKM-KC. The idea of GALERO appeared due to the inconvenienced condition when people driving or travelling in a long distances. This tool differs from similar one known as U-neck pillow. U-neck pillow has a weakness since the pillow is only affixed on the neck therefore it can still affect the sleeping position and still make the head flopping around when someone tend to nod forward while sleeping in a seated position. GALERO is specially designed in order to support the neck which conducting stable sleeping position during traveling in a long distances. GALERO’s height and slope is adjustable depends on the neck of the users and their seating position. GALERO consists of a pad lock and frame for adjusting the height and slope. The pad attaches to the seat , it is made of foam therefore it will make the users feel comfortable. The size of GALERO pad refers to the dimensions of the human body (antropomentri). GALERO’s frame attaches to the back side of the user’s seat. GALERO can be operated automatically by using microcontroller through CVAVR program. It is simply by pressing the menu buttons on the handrails in the vehicle to customize the height and slope of GALERO.

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