Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, semnas_2015

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Last modified: 2015-06-15


This article describes about developing friendly child learning, the effort of learning model in forming students’ character. Friendly children means places, doing and appreciate child as a human with its rights, as an effort to guarantee and fulfill child right as a planning and responsible. Friendly child learning is a learning method that based on nice feeling, save, healthy, attractive, effective, appreciate child rights, comfort, aspirate and communicative. The problem is based on the developing of social phenomenon, namely decreasing juvenile delinquency in the society from fighting in the streets, stealing, robbery and social abusement. As a state institution, SMK Negeri 1 Petarukan has a legal place to educate young generation so they can develop their role in torming student character. The development of friendly child learning has a law basically of nation agreement and international agreement. Friendly learning child is integrated in the syllabus and lesson plan that facilitate active child and self-creative with variety model and method; the teacher must be democratic and has more understanding of child character, has understanding of student’s achievement and must be developed. Learning process must be effective and participative supported by the teaching media developed to increase student’s achievement. The summary of friendly learning child is that it can decrease the abuse of children, it can create learning situation, friendly child, forming student character, raising student’s learning motivation, and learning achievement can be raised.
Keywords: developing, friendly child learning, SMK Negeri 1 Petarukan

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