Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, semnas_2015

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Last modified: 2015-06-15


The term of office auctions are increasingly popular recently when the Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta plans to conduct auction for the village chief and sub-district officer. The Central Java Provincial Governor also conduct the open auction for 85 positions for echelon III and IV were empty. This research will find out how the implementation of the open auction on those two provinces. The number of civil servants in Central Java Province as of 1st November 2013 as much as 16.003 peoples but only 2.938 qualified. Based on paper test there were 1.273 civil servants eligible, and among of them who passed fit and proper test were 826 civil servants. Those who eligible on fit and proper test become potential cadre and come to talent pool of Central Java Province. They will be considered for career development either for structural position through horizontal and vertical promotion. Open selection in Jakarta for the head of sub-district office head by Binkar SSDM Assessment Center Bureau of Police and Assessment Center of Jakarta. Among the 282 candidates only 5 people (12.5%) who have the competence to be head of sub-district (Camat). Those who qualified with the value of highly qualified will be promoted to a higher position, while officials that do not qualify to be moved to another position with equivalent positions. Recommendations from this study need to involve an active role of independent team such as academics, community leaders, and other stakeholders to maintain transparency and accountability. The auction process should add some new elements of assessment that includes a social dimension. Additionally stakeholders to put forward the principles of legal certainty, professionalism, proportionality, neutrality, accountability, openness, non-discriminatory, justice and equality.

Keywords: selection, recruitmen

Full Text: 258-275