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PROFIL HIGIENE-SANITASI PARA PEDAGANG KAKI LIMA DI BEBERAPA LOKASI (Studi Kasus Pada Beberapa Pedagang Kaki Limadi Klaten dan Temanggung)
Nunuk Siti Rahayu

Last modified: 2015-09-28


Several studies about profile of hygiene sanitation by street vendors have been conducted in some places, with the aim to find out general overview of the level of environmental cleanliness around vendors or the level of sanitary hygiene, which includes: a trade or location, equipment, people and foodstuffs and products, both descriptively, chemical, physical and microbiological.Observations were made on the location of street vendors in traditional markets with types of commodities such as fried chicken (in Temanggung and Klaten), and traders in main square with the type of commodities non-fried chicken (batagordumplings, meatballs, iced fruit) (in Temanggung). Method of determining the location and establishment of street vendors and consumers are sampled by purposive sampling. Methods of data collection covering 3 factors. The first factors be a person that street vendors and consumers, the second factor, namely contributing factor to sell and the third about the product sold itself (fried chicken, batagor-dumplings, meatballs, fruit ice). The collection of data for the first factor and the second was conducted using direct observation and questionnaire method, whereas the third target by conducting test on fried chicken products with a chemical test on quality of cooking oil (peroxide value, iodometry method) and analysis of organoleptic (taste, color and odor / aroma), whereas the non-fried chicken products was conducted a water quality washers cutlery test for consumers include physical tests (odor, color, turbidity and pH) and analysis oftotal microbial (Total Plate Count method). The results showed that the street vendors who produce and sell fried chicken are located in 3 markets in Temanggung and in the Klaten have not done hygiene and sanitation practices due to some constraints, namely the lack of water resources and trash facilities. During process when touching ingredients and fried chicken products, still not using adequate equipment. From the fried chicken organoleptic test, one of street vendors in Ngadirejo Market, Temanggung have taste, color and odor which similar with KFC products which is used as the stand a number of peroxide that exceed standard SII (Maks.5.0), ie 5.58 to 17.99. The level of hygiene sanitation of non-fried chicken vendors (batagor-dumplings, meatballs, iced fruits) is still lacking, but personal hygiene sanitation is good. Microbial analysis results show the water washing cutlery that the content mikrobia exceeds SNI standard (max. 1 x 105 colonies / ml). Average total number of microbes are: 1.53 x 105 to 2.29 x 105 colonies / ml. Consumer behavior towards the level of hygiene and sanitation of the vendors are still low, although the principles of hygiene sanitary some consumers already know, but the consumers have not done action for the improvement of hygiene and sanitation at the street vendors.

Keywords: profile, hygiene and sanitation, street vendors.

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