Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, lpf2013

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Pemanfaatan Sampah Daun Untuk Bahan Peredam Suara
Anisa Sholihah, Hestining Ajeng, Susanto Susanto, Pradana Adi, Mahardika Prasetya Aji

Last modified: 2013-09-29


This research is based on the step of Semarang State University (UNNES) declaring as conservation university. The high organic waste such as leaves produced in the region UNNES campus requires a strategic effort in the management of leaf litter on campus. An effort is utilizing leaf waste into valuable materials such as materials for silencers. Sound dampening material has been produced from the leaf litter with a simple mixing process. Sound dampening material from waste leaves have a good performance. With a frequency of 450 Hz sound source, dampening materials from leaf litter can reduce up to 83.45%. The frequencies of higher sound source, which is 650 Hz and 850 Hz, capable of reduced noise level reduction of up to 82% and 77%. Measurement of the noise level was made for variations of leaf powder texture (coarse, medium and fine). The level of noise reduction for the samples with coarse leaf powder had lower value than powder leaves of a smooth and moderate. This is because the powder with a rougher texture is estimated to have holes (pores) that big so the sound waves can still be passed on. The measurement results of noise reduction level is also done for the material that is often used as a reducer that is Styrofoam and carpet. The measurement results showed that the molar dampening of leaf litterq decreased noise level better than styrofoam and carpet.
Key words: Leaf garbage, silencers