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Developing Bendar Village Juwana Sub-District Pati Regency As A Center Village Of Fish Crackers
Dina Prasetyowati, Rasiman Rasiman, David Firna Setiawan

Last modified: 2020-01-03


Bendar Village is well-known as a Fishing Village because the majority of Bendar Village residents are fishermen with a total of 55.7% or 880 people. The potential fish catches of the fishermen is quite large in Bendar Village so that this needs to be managed to be able to produce processed products that have high economic value. The method of implementation of Partner Village Development Program (PPDM) was in the form of training, guidance, assistance, and provision of skills to villagers in Bendar to manage the potential of their fish, so the results can truly improve the welfare of the surrounding community. The activities carried out in the first year of the program were (1) training and workshop on cracker production techniques, (2) cracker production practices, (3) handover of equipment assistance, (4) entrepreneurship motivation, (5) mentoring. With this PPDM Program, it is hoped that Bendar Village residents can produce fish crackers that have high sales value. If the selling value of fish cracker processing results is high, the income of citizens will increase, and subsequently have an impact on improving the welfare of the people of Bendar Village.

KeywordsBendar Village, Fishing Village, Production Aspect

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