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Reforestation, an Old but Gold Way to Live in Harmony with Nature
Astari Dwiranti, Alfin Alexander, Isnaenisa Rachma, Dimas Haryo Pradana, Heri Mohammad Tohari

Last modified: 2020-01-03


Trees play a big role on our planet and with no doubt, in our lives. Trees produce oxygen, freely, for us and it’s our basic necessities. Nowadays, trees have been cut down brutally in a short period of time. Just as fast as snapping our fingers, trees have changed into buildings. Thus, reforestation is one of many ways to save our planet. In Desa Sarimukti, Garut, 34 students (11—15 years old) from SMPN 1 Sukaresmi with the help from almost 20 villagers planted up to 1000 plants in various species. They planted it in the SMPN 1 Sukaresmi’s field and surroundings. Since it’s drought and there’s no rain upon the land for almost 3 weeks, we found out that using bamboo and embed it through the soil for 15-20 cm, with a hole at top of it, make it easy to water the plant. With this method, water will easily reach the root of the plants and keep the plants alive. They planted 4 species of plants which are Coffea sp., Toona sinensis, Cinnamomum camphora, Albizia sp. Most of the students felt happy and satisfied after they planted up to 3 plants each. After that, they were also assessed about the plants. Common answers said their plants’ height 20-30cm with green to yellowish-green leaves. A lot of them give such positive responses after planted some plants. Reforestation taught them that we couldn’t live without trees and how trees impact our lives. The implementation of this reforestation method could be used in any other area.

Keywordsbamboo, reforestation, trees, watering plants.

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