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Wahyuning Widhiati

Last modified: 2017-02-10


Peningkatan Keterampilan Menulis Teks Deskriptif Melalui Citi Badia Pada Siswa VII D SMPN 2 Banjarnegara Tahun Pelajaran 2015 – 2016 is  a Class Action Research that is conducted by Wahyuning Widhiati, S.Pd.

The research is intended to: (1) enhance the students’ ability in writing descriptive text using circle time strategy ; and (2) Improve the ability in English when circle time  is implemented in the writing class.

This action research was carried out at SMPN 2 Banjarnegara for the students of class VII D in the academic year of 2015/2016. It was held from December 2015 to March 2016. The research method was Classroom Action Research and it was conducted in two cycles. In collecting the data, I used interviews, observation, questionnaire, diaries, document, and test. Having collected the data, I analyzed them both qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were analyzed by using Constant Comparative Method. Meanwhile, the quantitative data were analyzed by descriptive statistics.

The finding of the research showed that the use of Circle Time enhanced: (1) students’ ability in writing including: (a) writing organization; (b) writing proper content; (c) using correct vocabularies; (d) using correct grammar; (e) using correct mechanics. The enhancement of the students’ scores of writing test could be proved that the mean score of the pre-test was 64,4; the post-test 1 was 70,56; the post-test 2 was 780,16; Twenty five students or 78,1 % from 32 students had fulfilled the criteria of passing grade (KKM) which was 78 in daily post test 2;

Considering the inspiring result of this research, it is recommended that the English teachers are able to use this research for: (1) guiding the students to explore the students’ ability in writing through Circle time; and (2) being creative to make the class climate interesting by using Circle time in writing.

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