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Pembangunan Elemen Sekolah Rimba Malaysia (eSRM)
Nur Binti Abdul Wahab Bahiyah, Mohd. Bin Haron Najib, Ahmad bin Zainal Ahmad

Last modified: 2017-02-10


This research paper discusses outdoor learning approach based on Malaysia Forest School Elements (eSRM) among primary pupils. The main objective for this research is to determine elements of Forest Schools that meet the requirement of Malaysia educational curriculum. A qualitative approach using document analysis and experts interview protocol were conducted to form eSRM.  Document analysis and expert interview data were analyzed manually using the matrix frequency table. Flesiss's Kappa reliability analysis was used to determine the agreement index items for each of the criteria identified. The findings of the Fleiss Kappa coefficient value was 0.95, which showed a very good agreement. The outcome of this research has outlined four important elements; learning approach, learning environment, consistency and coaching.

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