Seminar Universitas PGRI Semarang, LONTAR PYSICS FORUM 2017

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Analisis Dielektrik Kapasitor Keping Sejajar Berbahan Dasar Buah Tomat
Ahmad Agung Fahruri, Wawan Kurniawan, Duwi Nuvitalia

Last modified: 2017-10-04


This study aims to find the relationship between the mass of tomatoes as a dielectric material to the value of capacitance, using meter capacitance meter. Benefits gained in this research are: working principle of capacitor, know capacitor measuring instrument, and tomato fruit is one of dielectric material. The type of research used is experiment. Technique of taking data with free variable that is mass of tomato which is heated by using sunlight to menggurangi water content in fruit and capacitance value as dependent variable. The relationship of masses of tomatoes to the value of capacitance produces a linear line. The data were collected eight times, the 2nd tomato produced the best linear line, with the mass value and the capacitance value as follows, (0.067kg; 0.37pF), (0.062kg; 0.33pF), (0.059kg; 0.31pF ), (0.065kg; 0.35pF), (0.055kg; 0.28pF), (0.042kg; 0.18pF), (0.04kg; 0.17). Tomato fruit as a dielectric material that has a neutral charge, decreases the mass of tomatoes will affect the amount of charge. So if the tomato is placed between the parallel pieces, then the charge contained in the parallel plate will induce the charge contained in the tomato fruit. So that the load contained in the tomatoes are arranged evenly. Thus the greater the mass of tomatoes the greater the capacitance value, and vice versa.

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