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Dissemination Technology Making Machinery Pematang Fields (Cultivator) for The Farmers Ngrapah Village
suwarno widodo, Noviana Dini Rahmawati, Yuris Setyoadi, Rumiyatun Istiyaningsih

Last modified: 2019-02-06


Ngrapah is a village in Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency. Ngrapah village is located on the west end bordering Salatiga, which is directly adjacent to Rawa Pening, precisely directly adjacent to the Ambarawa. The distance from the capital city of Semarang Regency is around 10 km. The majority of Ngrapah villages are farmers and their paddy fields have not been used optimally because many are affected by river overflowing. In processing paddy fields and plantations in the village of Ngrapah, they still use conventional tools such as hoes, not yet using tools or machines to make paddy fields so that the results are not maximized. So that it is necessary to introduce ways to manufacture and use rice field machines that follow the demands of today's market. The activity of disseminating technology products to the public aims to improve the welfare of citizens through increasing agricultural products and using technology in rice fields and increasing the value of sales and marketing. Outputs to be generated from this activity include the development of a number of group members, training in the use and maintenance of rice field milling machines, training in the manufacture of rice field machinery products, good financial management training and product sales and marketing training. This activity is planned for 8 months starting from the approval of the submission of funds.

Keywords: Dissemination, Creative Industry, Cultivator

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