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Strengthening Eduwisata Program based on Pottery Creative Industry in Realizing the Community Independent
Sri Suneki, Iin Purnamasari, Singgih Adi Prasetyo

Last modified: 2018-11-12


The purpose of the program activity is to solve the problem and how community empowerment activities can take place in order to be sustainable. The program is the brainchild (co-creation) between College (University of PGRI Semarang), students, Local Government Kabubaten Temanggung (the Departement of the Empowerment of village community), the Group of partners of the village Kundisari, as well as the local community (Kundisari village, Kedu subdistrict, and District of Temanggung). Also to facilitate the implementation of the programme, carried out a joint funding (co-let) between managing students (KKN-PPM Teams rom University of PGRI Semarang), Research and development institutions to the community of University of PGRI Semarang, Agency for Community Empowerment Village Temanggung Regency, our business partners (craftsman earthenware and woven, the group of eduwisata Kundisari Village sub district of Temanggung Regency Kedu), the Government of the village of Kundisari sub-district of Kedu Temanggung. The focus of the program is community empowerment activities of craftsmen of the village towards the creative industries education based local wisdom, especially the earthenware clay and wicker. Next do the formation of the cluster program that includes: (1) production cluster in the form of the development of pottery clay and plastic webbing, (2) the cluster of craft industry marketing results, (3) social cluster, humanities and public health. The cluster is composed of professors, students, Government District, and community/partner work synergistically and integrated to produce a target/external/output. Guarantee sustainable (sustainability) program conducted through development cooperation (net working) with various elements of the public, academics, stake holders, as well as the creative industry pottery, woven and eduwisata in the form of outbound. The implementation of the program is based on research and outreach has been done by professors, relevant agencies, and students.

Key words: Eduwisata, creative industries, pottery

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