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PPUPIK “PENA PRIMA” Pendidikan Anak Berpribadi Mulia
Mila Karmila, Purwadi Purwadi

Last modified: 2018-11-08


PPUPIK "PENA PRIMA abberivation of “pendidikan anak berpribadi mulia”  is a form of potential entrepreneurship that has been successfully developed in the first year based on a survey which states that many mothers who have to work again after childbirth become the cause of mother's concern and limitations in parenting, caregivers appropriate for their children.Therefore developed a business unit through Child Friendly Daycare program, the daycare that Child Rights Perspective integrated with PENA PRIMA music school , The purpose of this PPUPIK programe is to grow the nature of entrepreneurship to gain profit as an additional source of income University of PGRI Semarang, can alleviate the burden of mothers in nurturing and caring for children, so that mothers are more focused, calm and comfortable in work. Moreover, PPUPIK programe also serves as a laboratory for  Early childhood educational programe students to learn the education of early young child. is establish PENA PRIMA in an integrated and gradual which later became the imagebrand of Early childhood educational programe of PGRI University of Semarang. The output that will be generated by PPUPIK unit in this second year is NPSN, DAPODIK sync, number of TPA students as much as 25 children, shuttle service of TPA students with number of 8 customers, and Pena Prima Music School with 8 students.



Keywords: Daycare, Nursery, Child Friendly Daycare, music, music school

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