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PKM of Child –Friendly Healthy Hutment in Banjarejo Village, Boja Subdistrict, Kendal Regency
Muniroh Munawar, Senowarsito Senowarsito, Dwi Prasetiyawati D.H Prasetiyawati D.H

Last modified: 2018-11-08


Bandarejo Village, Boja Subdistrict, Kendal Regency, has 4 hamlets those are: Banjarejo Hamlet, Segunung Hamlet,  Rejowinangu Hamletand Siberi Hamlet,in which the people are still not  aware of clean and healthy living. They are not aware of how important cleanliness is because there is no trash can in front of their houses. So, they throw garbage anywhere. Based on the interview and survey result, problems that they have are: Institutionally there is no task force of child friendly village , low quality of maternal and child health service, unavailability of trash cans that meet child friendly standard, Posts of Early Childhood Education do not meet national standard of education, more than 70% of children aged 0 - 4 years study in non-formal early childhood education, playgrounds that do not meet standard and low involvement of parents in supporting child friendly education. This PKM activities facilitated the establishment of taskforce of child friendly hutment in village level,  improved the quality of maternal and child health service through training for  candidates of maternal and child health service, provided socialization of CHLB and provided child-friendly trash cans, provided training of Early Childhood Education Post according to 8 standards of Early Childhood Education, facilitated playings in Post of Early Childhood Education according to minimum service standard of Early Childhood Education and gave Parenting about child- friendly healthy hutment to parents at  Post of Early Childhood Education.Expected output targets are: the establishment of taskforces of child- freindly hutment in village level, maternal and child health service quality increased from intermediateto excellent, running of CHLB and availability of child- friendly trash cans in some sample locations, educators at Early Childhood EducationPost understand the practice of Early Childhood Education Post according to 8 national standards of EarlyChildhoodEducation, the existence of playing in Early Childhood Education Post according to the minimum service standards of early childhood facilities, and increased participation of parents in supporting child- friendly­ healthy hutment.The methods used in this PKM were socialization, training, parenting, and mentoring. The socialization was conducted to provide understanding of partner teachersand parents’ learners about  perspective of child- friendly environment.


Keywords: Healthy Hutment, Child Friendly, Early Childhood Education

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