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Human Resource Empowerment As a Strategy For Conserving Wayang Krucil With One Village One Product Program in Blora
Amanah Amanah, Ahwan Sholih

Last modified: 2018-11-07


Wayang krucil is a kind of puppets made from combination of wood and cowhide. However, until now Wayang Krucil is not as well known. Wayang Krucil is in 75 types of puppets that are almost extinct in Indonesia. This is because the number of  buyers  Wayang Krucil is declining and now the younger generation has known culture outside and forgeting traditional arts, this proves that there is a need for serious action from the government to make conservation effort so that Blora Regency is still famous as a district that has its unique puppet. To that end, the authors do an empowerment to the Blora Society about making Wayang Krucil. The empowerment aims to train people to make Wayang Krucil. Klopodhuwur Village is a village that has a Samin Tribe, the existence of  Samin Tribe to make tourist attraction to come and see the life of Samin. The presence of tourists who visit Klopodhuwur Village as one of the marketing strategy, because tourists who want to buy souvenirs Wayang Krucil can directly buy at the center of Wayang Krucil sales. The type of data used to write this article is the primary data obtained by survey methods, interviews and empowering.


Keywords : Wayang Krucil, Empowerment Society, Samin Tribe

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